Copy Managed Disk to Other subscription or other Regions.

Stop Virtual Machine

Stop the virtual machine from migrating

  • Click Stop on the Virtual Machine that should be migrated.

Enable the Export function to generate a single URL containing the VHD of the managed disk to migrate.

  • On the selected virtual machine, click on Disks
  • Select the managed disk that you want to migrate
  • Click Export
  • Click on the Generate URL button
  • Copy this unique URL pointing to the target VHD file to the Notepad or any other clipboard.

Create a storage disk in the target region of the new or existing subscription.

  • So now, we need to create a storage account in the target region on the target subscription
  • Create a Container containing the VHD file to use and retrieve the connection information to that storage account:
    • On the Azure portal, select All Services.
    • Scroll to storage, and then select storage accounts
    • On the Storage Accounts window, click Add
    • Select the subscription in which you want to create the storage account, as well as the target resource group
    • Enter the name for your storage account
    • Select the location of your storage account (target region)
    • Leave all other fields to their default value
    • Click Verify + Create to review your storage account settings and create the account.
  • After the storage account is created, click Blob on the container
  • On the Name field, type VHDs
  • Click the OK button to confirm. This folder will contain the VHD file copied to the new region.
  • Click VHDs and then select Properties
  • Copy the URL to Notepad
  • Click access keys and copy the Key1 key to the Notepad.


Use AzCopy


Use an Azure Virtual Machine to copy the data (VHD File) from a Managed Disk to a new storage account in the target subscription. This will reduce copy time. You can copy data between a file system and a storage account, or between storage accounts.

  • Run a command prompt from the Azure virtual machine
  • Select the C:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft SDKs\Azure\AzCopy Directory
  • Type the command to copy the data from the source managed disk to the target storage account previously created in a target subscription.
  • Don’t forget to add a file name that ends on .vhd.


azcopy /source:”<URL_FROM_VHD>” /dest:”<URL_VHD_DESTINATION>” /destkey:”<KEY1>”



During the copy you will see the file and the transfer rate in Mbps

Finished 1 of total 1 file(s).

[2019/04/24 13:08:18] Transfer summary:


Total files transferred: 1

Transfer successfully:   1

Transfer skipped:        0

Transfer failed:         0

Elapsed time:            00.00:09:41

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\AzCopy>

copy completed, create a managed disk from the copied vhd.

  • All services
  • Select disks and click Add
  • Enter the name of the managed disk to be created from the VHD file copied to the Storage account
  • Select the target subscription, the target resource group, and especially the target region
  • From the source Type drop-down menu, select Storage Blob, and then click the Browse button
  • Select the target storage account
  • Select the VHDs container
  • Select the copied VHD file and then validate by clicking the Select button
  • Enter the size in GiB and then click the Create button.